The AV & automation system at the Self Help Credit Union was outdated and limited to standard definition quality. The system dated back to 2011 and introduced several vulnerabilities, including limited repairs, hard-to-find replacement parts, and extended downtimes. Integrating new equipment with the old was also complex, particularly when piecemeal upgrading was preferred. Moreover, since the system was no longer supported by the manufacturer, the existing automation system had to be programmed or edited, which limited end-user control.

We wanted to facilitate the type of meetings and interactions within our conference room the people want to have now. M4media delivered in spadesBrendan Stephens

Our Approach:

To address the issues with SHCU’s outdated AV system involved a full end-to-end audit and consultation. Our goal was to not only fix their immediate problem but provide a long-term solution that would support them into the future.


  1. Replace all outdated analog equipment
  2. Minimize downtime with the system
  3. Provide a fully automated system that’s user friendly and doesn’t require onsite AV technicians for each event. 
  4. Enable the ability to easily integrate new products and upgrades without being limited to previous system limitations. 


  • Analog SD Cameras (no high definition video available)
  • Outdated System
  • Frequence system downtime with minutes to reboot 
  • No video streaming / conferencing capabilities
  • Outdated Projector 
  • Wireless microphone signal drop
  • Ceiling mics not working or adaptable to new systems
  • At the mercy of system product support which has a very slow process.

Implementation: 6 weeks

  • Replace existing automation and processing with our newly designed Kramer AV System
  • Functionality: Gives the client more control. Automation with ease of use. 
  • Provide a  system that can be serviced by and make changes remotely or onsite if needed without weeks of waiting. Provide the most flexibility for any type of event in the space.  
  • Add two control panel units for rear of space and at the podium control.
  • Add 2 auto tracking HD cameras to provide a more engaging automated video experience. 
  • Add in video conferencing features for users of the event space. 
  • Add wireless distribution for better wireless coverage.
  • Change current SD cabling and ports to HD infrastructure 
  • Add the ability to record the event to a thumb drive or SD card for archiving or uploading for virtual events
  • Wireless presentation collaboration: bring your own device into the room and be able to go to url and be able to wirelessly present from any device (securely)

Automated Presenter Tracking

Zone Tracking

Video Automation


Self Help Credit Union (SHCU) Training and Conference Center now has a more modern, user-friendly, and fully automated AV system. The upgraded system now includes two auto-tracking HD cameras, wireless presentation collaboration, and video conferencing capabilities, providing an engaging and interactive experience for users of the event space. The system’s flexibility, reliability, and ease of use minimize downtime and the need for on-site AV technicians, allowing SECU to focus on delivering top-quality service to their clients. This approach has resulted in a modernized AV system that meets the needs of SECU and the community they serve for the now and the future.

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